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home insurance valuations


Online calculators?


Be warned. No house or property is the same. The Home Owners and Buyers Association is advising people to avoid using these calculators. Insurers offering these calculators disclaim liability for the final sum.


Using an online calculator may seem an easy option but without expert advice you may end up under insuring your home.


For instance, without advice would you know to consider the following?


  • All External Features -Retaining Walls, Decks, Pergolas, Paving, Pools, Spas, Carports etc.

  • Do we have high stud height?

  • Is our Dwelling a Standard Timber Frame or has it Special Engineering Design Elements?

  • How much is the replacement value of our high quality fittings, Fixtures and Fittings?

  • Are we rebuilding on unstable land or on a slope?

  • Are there any special features?

  • What enhancements have been made?


rebuild valuers unique approach

Rebuild insurance valuations


Buildings should be valued for insurance purposes at regular intervals to ensure there is adequate cover in the event of a potential disaster.


Regular insurance valuation updates enable insurers to quantify their claim exposure and to be in a position to offer lower premiums. We normally recommend that valuation updates are undertaken annually to account for increases in construction costs.


In completing insurance valuations we calculate the reinstatement value (replacement cost) of the existing building. This is based on current construction costs and compares the subject property to other buildings of a similar size and quality. Allowances for building consents, professional fees and contingencies are taken into account.


Rebuild valuers


Every site visit and subsequent report generated by rebuild valuers is done by a fully qualified quantity surveyor ensuring that your rebuild estimate is as accurate as possible.  Our quantity surveyors have extensive experience in both residential and commercial building – we get it right, every time.



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