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home insurance calculator

Be warned. No house or property is the same. The Home Owners and Buyers Association is advising people to avoid using online calculators.   Arrange an appointment and we can discuss your insurance rebuild estimate so that you can relax knowing that have you covered.


"no online calculators. real people. real results.

Our Story

The home insurance industry has changed. In the past homes were insured on a per square metre basis; this meant that you had to give your insurance company the square meterage  of your home (including any areas of decking) and should your home have to be totally rebuilt for any reason, the insurance company would do so, regardless of cost.


This is no longer the case with home insurance.


The insurance companies are no longer willing to underwrite uncapped cover. They are asking you to come up with a set sum. You have to decide how much you would like to insure your home for total rebuild cost.


This is why rebuild valuers was established. We are here to provide you with the peace of mind that you are paying the correct amount to ensure your biggest asset, your home, is protected.


Our Vision

We are here to use our years of experience to help you. As experienced quantiy surveyors we know how difficult it can be to make an accurate calculation of a rebuild cost. We will consider factors that you may not consider. For instance, without advice would you know to consider the following?


  • Do we have high stud height?

  • How much is the replacement value of our high quality fittings?

  • Are we rebuilding on unstable land or on a slope?

  • Are there any special features?

  • What enhancements have been made to the original property?


It’s not an easy task. 


Our vision is to get you back in the driving seat by giving you an accurate value for rebuild based upon the facts specific to your property. 



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